V-ZUG Dishwasher

V-ZUG Dishwasher

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It’s hard to imagine life without the dishwasher as a friend and helper in the home. After water and power consumption has been reduced so sharply over the last few years, automatic dishwashing not only saves time on washing up but is also far more economic and gentler on the environment today than washing-up by hand. Whereas the old way takes around 40 litres of water, an Adora SL requires just 7 litres over a full cycle on its automatic programme.

Interior LED lighting

At night, why should you have to switch on the kitchen light just to put a glass in the dishwasher? A thing of the past with the pleasant, new interior LED lighting of the comfort level SL. Four LED lights inside the dishwasher make it that bit easier to load and empty the dishwasher.

Automatic door-opener

The door-opener automatically opens the door about 100mm at the end of the rinse cycle.  This shortens the drying phase, especially for plastic containers. In addition, the door-opener saves valuable energy, and because it is automatic, it also works when the dishwasher is run at night.

World-exclusive SteamFinish: Pure steam yields sparkling shine

The world-exclusive SteamFinish makes the Adora the first dishwasher to clean glasses, cutlery and plates with pure steam, ensuring spot-free cleanness and sparkling brightness. The effectiveness of SteamFinish has been tested and confirmed by the independent Swiss test lab Veritas.

New: Cleaning everyday dishes in just 45 minutes

The Adora is the first dishwasher to clean normally soiled crockery spick and span in just 45 minutes.

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