Piazzetta Stoccolma Fireplace

Piazzetta Stoccolma Fireplace

Piazzetta Stoccolma Fireplace - image 1 (small) Piazzetta Stoccolma Fireplace - image 2 (small) Piazzetta Stoccolma Fireplace - image 3 (small)

The Stoccolma is part of the unique panoramic collection of fireplaces, offering a 360 degree view of the fire. Viewed from any angle, the curved glass and beautiful majolica cladding have been cleverly designed for today’s modern, open plan living.

An impressive fireplace that immediately catches the eye. Linear appearance, customisable support with or without space for stacking firewood and base clad with large and very thick majolica panels.

The round appliance is a perfect combination of technology and innovative materials, which give a modern touch to the evergreen style of the circular hearths of a bygone era. There are no metal profiles in the glass surrounding the grate to disturb the view of the fire from any angle. The glass panels are electrically operated.

The panoramic glass screen boasts an exclusive rise n’fall system developed by the Piazzetta Design Department. The semicircular glass panels are mounted on two independent motor-driven systems that can be controlled separately. Special sensors ensure opening and closing in all safety.

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