Barbas Evo 100/50

Barbas Evo 100/50

Barbas Evo 100/50 - image 1 (small) Barbas Evo 100/50 - image 2 (small) Barbas Evo 100/50 - image 3 (small)

Luxury wood-burning fires with lift door Nothing less than the (r)evolution in the field of wood-burning fires with a lift door - that is the new energy-efficient Barbas Evo. This model has everything that you could wish for in a luxury wood-burning fire combined with the advantage of a compact combustion chamber. Unique, that is the compact interior of the Evo. Made possible by the concrete ceramics developed in-house. The angled inner walls have reduced the size of the Evo combustion chamber by approximately 45%. This has decreased the output to approximately 10 kW, which is more than sufficient for increasingly growing well- insulated modern homes. A (normal) lift door fireplace of this size without the sloped converging inner walls can easily produce 20 to25 kW, which is usually too much for an average living room.

Smaller = cheaper heating

When compared with a lift door fire with a square combustion chamber you require less wood, which is cheaper. However this is not detrimental to the effectiveness of the combustion. Large window of the Evo ensures that you have an unhindered view of the fire. Secondary air is required for optimum combustion though this technique is rarely used in fires with a lift door. However, the concrete ceramic interior of Barbas makes this secondary air supply possible. The result - high output, low emissions and a controllable fire. Remote control Ultimate convenience and enjoyment: Evo has a remote controlled lift door. Supplied remote control can be used to lift the glass up or down, or to stop it at any desired height. 

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